Lawn Care and Maintenance
February 26, 2022

Tips on Mowing in Lago Vista

How to Mow Bermuda Grass in Lago Vista, TX

Mowing Bermuda grass lawns can be tough in the hot Texas sun. Because it's warm-season grass, it can require more water in the hotter months. It is also very sensitive to herbicides, particularly at high temperatures.

Before mowing your lawn for the first time this season, rake or blow out any debris that might be in the flower beds into the lawn...not mulch though. Any dead organic plant matter (leaves and grass blades) fertilizes the lawn and creates healthy roots and soil composition. As the plant matter decomposes it creates an environment where grass can grow healthy and thrive. Too much organic matter can create a barrier for grass blades to get sunlight and this is not a good thing. Just make sure the grass blades are always visible so they can still take in the sunlight.

How Often Should I Mow?

When mowing Bermuda grass it is important to not cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades each time you mow. This means mowing more frequently in the Spring when the grass in growing in order for your grass to not grow too long.  Weekly mowing is ideal for Bermuda grass in Lago Vista, TX.  As fall sets in and the grass begins to go dormant you can lengthen the amount of time between mowing to every 10-15 days.  

How Often Should I Water my Lawn?

Bermuda grass in Lago Vista can have a tough time competing with weeds when it is watered too often. Grass roots can grow deep for water so watering for longer periods of time less often is always better than more frequently for short periods of time.  If the lawn is being watered 5-7 days a week for 15 minutes at a time then the more shallow weed roots will always have the moisture they need and continue to overtake your grass.  The more ideal watering schedule for Bermuda grass is to water 2-3 times a week but for 25-35 min per time. This will allow the water to get down deeper into the soil and also allow the topsoil to dry out so weeds cannot thrive.    

Spring, Summer, and Fall Applictions

The key to having a healthy and safe lawn is to feed the soil the nutrients in needs so that healthy grassroots can grow. This means giving it natural and organic nutrients that contain microbes that promote healthy growth. The use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides only creates a starvation cycle for growth and the grass will not actually be building the healthy rich soil needed for growth. In the Spring it is recommended to apply liquid aeration as it helps relieve compaction in the soil and allows water and oxygen to reach down further into the soil. In Lago Vista the soil is in need to aeration annually. In the hot Summer months it s recommended to water according to the heat so your lawn doesn't get to stressed out by the heat. You will want to apply an organic fertilizer once in the Spring and monthly throughout the summer months. In the Fall it is recommended to mow less frequently and to mulch up leaves into the grass instead of bagging them and hauling them away. If there is a large amount of excess some will need to be hauled away but mulching some of them into the lawn will provide good organic fertilizer going into the winter.  

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