Enjoy a Safe
and Healthy Yard

Zero Emissions - 75% less Noise - Non-toxic Fertilizers - Organic Lawn Care
Say no to gas and opt for a clean, healthy, and safe lawn.

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Pollution Free
Low Noise

Our mowing equipment is battery powered and produces zero emissions, leaving your environment free of air pollution that smelly gas mowers leave behind. Noise levels are 75% less than that of gas powered equipment.
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Fully Organic
Safe and Clean

Our organic fertilizers and compost materials will make your grass green and healthy. Our organic fertilizers are non-toxic so your kids and pets can immediately play in the lawn after application.
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Weed Control
No Chemicals

We take pride in keeping your flower beds weed free without the use of harmful chemicals. We will cultivate and remove weeds before they have time to germinate and spread seed, and maintain the bed to keep them out.
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Is Your Lawn Safe and Healthy?

We only use plant-based organic fertilizers that are specifically formulated to help your lawn looking great without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. Our purely organic, plant-based fertilizers are formulated without the use of manure.

Non-toxic organic fertilizers will feed your lawn the nutrients it needs to be healthy, safe, and green.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

Super Quiet!

"A company who cares about its customers and the environment is a match made in heaven for our family. Plus, the attention to detail and quality of work are the best we've ever experienced in the Austin area.”

- Younger Homes

Clean Edges

"Clean & Green Pros are dependable and reliable. They mowed, edged and cleaned up my yard. I'm happy to have a green alternative and support a local business too!”

- Cathy P.

Above and Beyond

"Chris and Greyson are not only very friendly but prompt and professional. The yard looks great, I could not be more pleased!! Thank you guys!!"

- Adam M.
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